For all of our children ages 0-11, we have the same mission: to bring glory to God by reaching the world, gathering with the saints, and growing in the word. Our deepest desire to be true to Scripture, which is clear that parents are the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children. Our hope is to partner with parents as they pursue to live out the Gospel in their daily lives, and to fulfill the mission as parents to be disciple-makers for their kids, and to come alongside the family in the discipleship process. We do this in many ways, including creating opportunities and resources to reach the entire family with the Gospel, creating atmospheres for children to learn what a gathering of the saints looks like, and to create a gospel-centered foundation for kids and their families in growth communities.


Your infants and toddlers will know they are loved by God’s people as they experience a safe and secure environment with dedicated caregivers. Leave any special instructions you have with our nursery workers and know that they will ensure your child is cared for while you attend our adult growth classes and gatherings.

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BCC Kidz (3 y/o -3rd Grade )

Children ages 3 to 9 are offered different classes based on age / grade (3-5 years, Kindergarten & 1st Grade, 2nd & 3rd Grade). Here they will meet in a safe and secure environment with teachers who will share each week how they are loved by God through play, music, stories, and activities.

They’ll experience learning in both large and small group settings, music, media, and hands-on activities that help them grow in God’s truth. BCC Kidz offers a full program during every service. While parents attend or serve during service, children will focus on God’s Word and how to live for Christ in their everyday lives. Kids will explore a passage in the Bible, understand what God’s word says about it, and know how they can live it out in their own lives.

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The Bridge (4th – 6th GRADE)

Each week, The Bridge will explore God’s Word in a variety of ways implementing all learning styles. The Bridge leads the preteens in worship and a Bible centered lesson every Wednesday & Sunday night.

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