What are Life Groups

Life Groups are small group of 4-10 people that meet once a week to study the Word, hold one other accountable, and help one another grow. Ideally, we would love for each Life Group to meet somewhere outside of the church: It may be a home or even a coffee shop. But it has to be somewhere that you can be intimate and without distraction. It is vitally important to understand that what is said in the group, remains in the group. It needs to be a place where people can come and share their heart and their burdens with other people who will lift them up in prayer and encourage them throughout the week. Life Groups isn’t just another ministry, it is a way for the church body to actively become the Church by caring and loving one another. This isn’t just a small group gathering, it’s a group that will go through life together sharpening one another. Proverbs 27:17, “Just as Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”. Jesus ministry was done in a small group format, and we should be doing the same. Satan wants the church to be divided, he wants you to feel alone in your struggles, but that is not how we are meant to be as Christians. So let’s go through life together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Life Groups are small groups of 4-10 people that meet once a week to study the word, hold one another accountable, and help one another grow.
  • We need Discipleship. We need fellowship, encouragement, and accountability to grow in our walk with Christ. And the best way to do that is in a small group environment. Satan wants division, he wants you to think that you are alone in your sins and alone in your struggles. However, it’s a lie. We want you to be with a group of people who will encourage you and lift you up in prayer daily.


  • Preferably, we would love for Life Groups to meet in a home or even a quiet coffee shop. It just needs to be somewhere private, where you can have discussions without distractions. If none of these options work out, we can open the church for meetings. We prefer to meet outside of the church to break down some barriers in our culture. By meeting in homes, we create an environment for going through life together.
  • Childcare is not provided. Childcare can be handled as individuals or as a group. If your group is predominately single moms, you may want to invite a sitter over and have them in the back room with the children. It is ok to bring your children to Life Groups if the hosting party is ok with it. But remember, you want to be free from distraction during this time.
  • Most Life Group terms will last 10-12 weeks. At the end of that term, there will be a break, and then we will start up Life Groups again. When the Life Group term starts back up, you will have the opportunity to stay with your current group, or be re-assigned with another. Ideally, we would love for each group to stay together, until they are ready to go and teach other groups. In the first couple weeks of the term, you don’t like your group, then do your best to stick with it for the remainder of the term. Sometimes the groups that face adversity up front, are often the groups that God uses the most.
  1. You must be committed- Commitment is key, it is hard to bond and build trust with everyone in the group, if the members of the group are constantly in and out. LIFE GROUPS HAVE TO BE A PRIORITY. If your job is inconsistent, then mention that to your group and in your Life Group application.
  2. You must desire to Grow- After all, isn’t that why we are meeting? To grow closer to our Savior and King.

Life Groups Event

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