At Bethlehem, there are many areas of service and volunteering is a great way to get connected. Our Leadership Team is dedicated to helping you find a place where you can use your personal gifts, talents, abilities and resources to give back to God, focus on others and be a part of something lasting, valuable and potentially life-changing.
The experiences and friendships you gain along the way will deepen your walk with Christ. When we volunteer, we are teaming up to help people know that they matter to us and they matter to God. Your commitment to others is the key component in keeping our faith family strong and growing.

Financial Ministries

Our Finance Ministry is designed to help God’s people manage their finances in a Godly way. One of the greatest blessings a Christian can receive stems from learning how to manage the resources that God has given to us. At Bethlehem we strive to provide programs and resources to help you accomplish this in your life. Our Finance ministry leader also conducts Financial Peace University classes every quarter throughout the year. God has used this program to truly transform lives in our community!

Mens Ministries

The Men’s Ministry at Bethlehem Community Church is committed to building Godly character, integrity, and accountability into the lives of all men, and to encourage them to assume their spiritual role of leadership in the home, church, and the world.
Mens Bible study meets every Monday at 6:00 P.M.
The men of the church meets for breakfast on the second Sunday of every month at 8:00am.

Sunday School Ministries

One of the most effective ways to connect with the Bethlehem family is to be a part of a Sunday School Class. Involvement in Sunday School will allow you to meet other believers & build relationships that will be vital in your walk with the Lord. These small group classes allow dialogue, encouragement, prayer & ministry on a personal level… among friends who will know your name & accept you as you are. You will grow in your faith through discipleship as God’s Word is shared with passion. You will get to know the Bethlehem family & begin to feel a sense of belonging.
One of the most important steps in this journey of transformation and belonging is to explore a School School Class & get connected to the family & fellowship of Bethlehem Community church. Our Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning at 10am.

Womens Ministries

The Women of Bethlehem are committed to being in God’s Word, on His Mission and in His family for His glory.

Bethlehem’s Women’s Ministry is a place of genuine connections. Friendships in Christ are more than women with common interests and backgrounds. Rather, it’s women from all backgrounds and interests, gathered together in Christ for a greater purpose. “Doing life together” means we share in joys and burdens, pray for each other, and hold one another accountable for our daily walk with Christ.

Worship Ministries

Worship is the life goal of every Christ-follower. We come before God, praising Him for who He is and what He has done and is doing, and opening our hearts to know and obey Him more fully every day. The Worship Ministry at Bethlehem leads our church family in expressing ourselves to God in worship.

Our services are a rhythm of revelation (hearing from God) and response (understanding and obeying God more). We hear from God through music, His Word, testimony and other ways, and are impacted individually and as a church. And we respond to God with our lives.

Through music, choir, video, the spoken word and other mediums, Worship does more than set the stage for teaching times. We aren’t spectators at a concert. We’re all participants–and God is the audience of our worship. Our goal through this ministry is to lead in such a way that God is honored and we are changed by our worship.